Passive House NO Thank you!

A bit chilly in the house? Passive house owners: No problem, just put on a sweater. Aren't women more sensitive to the cold? Yes, mine puts on three sweaters on top of each other.

  Lecture on 6 February 2020 19:30 in Unken

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  Passive House NO Thank you!

Already in my newsletter of September 2, 2018 I wrote Passive House NO Thank You!

May 2019, I started this deeply distressing discussion in a passive house forum: generating energy is rejected, saving energy the only blissful thing to do.

Saturday it happened to me that I was 6 hours in a passive house. As a guest, the first thing you do is take off your shoes. But the floor was cold. So I first rummaged out of my backpack a ski hood to put it over my feet. Still too cold, so Buddha sitting position. After some time the leg muscles did not tolerate this position, I asked my host to put on my shoes. So thick Moonboots are really passive house suitable shoes.

A dialog developed with the passive house owner: Isn't it a bit chilly in the house? That's not a problem, you just put on a sweater. Aren't women more sensitive to the cold? Yes, mine puts on three sweaters on top of each other. By the way, in Salzburg the energy certificate for retirement homes has to be calculated with 25°. So hot does not go at all! My father preferred 28° room temperature in his last years. Such a person could not live here!

By the way, there is not only a bias in speedometers, but also in thermometers: This one gave the impression of an acceptable 22°, while my infrared thermometer only showed 19.5°.

  The thermal system in a passive house

There the air is sucked in and adapted to the temperature of the floor for over 30 m in a pipe laid in the floor. Then comes the cross-countercurrent heat exchanger, where the exhaust air transfers the heat to the supply air. Further heat is then extracted from the exhaust air via a heat pump. This further heats the supply air or prepares the hot water.

The performance of an air source heat pump depends on the amount of air that is drawn through the evaporator. The fan of a small air-source heat pump with a diameter of 50 cm can handle 6,000 m³ per hour at 15 km/h. This is 25 times more than the air flowing through the ventilation system of a passive house. This is 25 times more than what flows through the ventilation system of such a passive house. With this very limited amount of air, the heating system of the Passive House must manage. If not enough heat can be extracted from the air, then direct electric heating is used. The hot water tank via a heating element, in the supply air ducts are electric heating coils. The intake pipe is 160 mm in diameter, you can not suck so much air through.

  Diametrically opposed product philosophy

Maybe the buyer of an XL version prefers 27° room temperature, has a 40 m² heated double garage and gets the spontaneous idea 2 days before New Year's Eve to celebrate New Year's Eve with a pool party.

Then, in addition to the other consumers, 12 m³ of water must be brought from 5° to 32°. There will certainly be videos about such actions on the Internet one day.

That's what it says in the PDF for the GEMINI next Generation house thermal systems. The owner of a GEMINI next Generation house should be able to properly brag to the neighbors, "You need to shovel snow? My driveway has radiant floor heating!"

  Global prosperity required for planetary restoration

All the scenarios where it is sufficient to reduce emissions to zero are becoming more and more implausible.
Thawing permafrost and outgassing methane hydrate pose an enormous potential threat to climate development. A little reduction will not be enough. Even 100% less CO2 emission might still be too little. 200% less, i.e. no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and cracking, should be sufficient. But this filtering of CO2 from the atmosphere and cracking in C and O is an enormous effort that only a wealthy humanity with an industrial base completely based on renewable energy can manage. Therefore saving restricting renouncing is life-threatening for mankind. Taking the GEMINI next generation project forward is a new task for the Association for the Promotion of Infintism. A company will be established later. The association can and will have a stake in the company. Supporting members of the association will have privileges in the formation of the company. This will be worked out in the coming weeks, but support in this difficult initial phase should pay off in any case.
          Passive House NO Thank you!: A bit chilly in the house? Passive house owners: No problem, just put on a sweater. Aren't women more sensitive to the cold? Yes, mine puts on three sweaters on top of each other.